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Executive Director, Stroke Survivor

It was an incredibly ordinary night,

one in which I had "just another" headache forcing me to leave my job as a social worker to retire to my dark bedroom to seek relief. Little did I know, this night was far from ordinary. In fact, it would be the night in which my entire life changed in an instant. 

On October 25th, 2018, I nearly died at the age of 30 due to a massive stroke. The cause of the stroke: Stress. 


Although as a social worker and crisis therapist I was using my voice to support others who were not able to speak for themselves, I would completely lose the ability to speak, read, write, and move. I soon became a person whose life depended upon others speaking and advocating for me. 


When I found out that my stroke was completely preventable, I was on a mission; that mission soon became Stroke of Luck. Although I could not yet read or write, I realized that something had to be done to increase stroke awareness practices in others to prevent further strokes from happening. Four months after my stroke, while in speech therapy, the concept of Stroke of Luck was fully developed, and I am so proud of how many lives we have saved thus far. 


I am here to help. I am here to tell you that your life is worth it. 

With Love and Luck,

Jeri Ward

Jeri Ward is an active volunteer, advocate, social worker, and counselor. Jeri currently serves as the Hospital Donation Specialist in the hospital that saved her life. A native of Southwest, Virginia, Jeri resides with her husband, Dean, and their cats, Snickers and Maxwell. Most recently Jeri created the first self-care committee in the state of Ohio. Jeri enjoys traveling the world speaking as an advocate for the International Stroke Foundation, and regularly enjoys doing ambassador work for the National Blood Clot Alliance, by sharing her story. When Jeri isn’t working or volunteering, she is cheering on her husband on the soccer field as a coach’s wife.

Fun fact: Jeri was a Disney Princess in a past life. 

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