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Someone has a stroke every 40 seconds.

Do you know the signs and symptoms?

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I'm Jeri: Stroke Survivor. Changemaker. Life-saver.

A stroke survivor at 30 years old, finding herself unable to speak, read, move, or write - Jeri realized that she once she learned how to speak again, she had to do something to help others facing this debilitating brain attack.

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Stroke Awareness

The Facts

Percentage of strokes preventable
Someone in the United States has a stroke every
40 Seconds
Number of Americans each year that die due to a stroke



1 out of every 20 deaths

Someone in U.S. dies from a stroke every
4 Minutes

What's Next?


Steve, G

"Wanted to send you a quick email to personally thank you for your advocacy work related to stroke awareness. We both have had emotional moments during these past few hours however one of the things she said if it was not for your advocacy work with stroke awareness she didn’t know where she would be today."

Mary, L

"Hearing you tell your story literally made me be like I need to go to ER sooner and not brush it off longer. So thank you for sharing...seriously."

Katie, A

"Because of you pushing me to make myself a priority, I am now off of high blood pressure medication, and anxiety medication. I am working out 3 times a week, and meditating everyday. The small changes that you encouraged and guided me through have changed my life. I've never been this confident or felt this good before. I hope you know that you are changing and saving lives."

Stroke of Luck

Homebase: North Carolina 

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